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Never stop learning and growing with MBSU’s plans

Take your life to a whole new level with our great membership plans. You will be supported by the best teachers and mentors in the world.

The best membership plans for the best You

We don’t care what is your current situation in your life. Our ultimate goal is to change everyone’s life who needs it. We think that in life we need to give more to others than take away from them. We want that people are able to enjoy their lives just like we do and live a special life and experience completely new experiences

Feel the evolution of online learning with us

Our learning management system combines the power of daily learning and community transforms you as a person towards success and better you what traditional learning can’t ever offer. You will experience a complete change in yourself with just 20 minutes of learning in a day. At the same time you will get great support for your personal growth, make new friendships, make new important contacts, and most importantly experience the true change through our community! Welcome to be a part of MBSU’s family!

Membership plans

We have totally 5 different membership plans: Mind, Body, Spirit, Entrepreneur and All Access. Our membership plans are just made for you and for your needs. Each plan has its own courses, e-books, movies, documentaries, and learning material. At the bottom of this page you will find information about what these plans are and based on the information and your own situation you can choose the best plan for your needs.

About MBSU

MBSU is a large online personal growth platform. Choose from thousands of personal growth programs and transformative content by brilliant minds, with results that stick.


MBSU’s education platform doesn’t prepare us for the world of today. MBSU fills the gap with a platform that does.

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