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Meet the MBSU team

A group of professionals who are passionate about what they do

The MBSU team is a group of professionals with a common goal – Change the world and people towards a better future. We are constantly looking for and attracting new talents and professionals to our team with the same goal as us.


Our awesome work environment and culture enables all team members to enjoy excellent health and well-being growth. This doesn’t just apply to our team, this also applies to everyone who is part of the MBSU family.

Well-being, health, self-growth and social connections are a big part of our work culture and a big part of what we do. Working with us is not just about making great products for the world, our job is to teach how these great products are used to improve life.

Our great team members

People who are behind MBSU and who are dedicated to their work to change the world and lives

Sami Ketolainen - Co-founder of MBSU

Co-founder of MBSU

Christopher Roberts

Founder of MBSU

Christopher Roberts

Founder of MBSU

About MBSU

MBSU is a large online personal growth platform. Choose from thousands of personal growth programs and transformative content by brilliant minds, with results that stick.


MBSU’s education platform doesn’t prepare us for the world of today. MBSU fills the gap with a platform that does.

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Address: Australia, PO Box 584 Narellan NSW 2567, Sydney

Phone number: +61 415 305 835

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