MBSU offers learning what you won’t find in a normal school.

Being human is not always as easy as it looks. We all very likely have the same goal: Live an extraordinary, happy and fulfilling life. This is what we teach.

“There is no greater honor or privilege than facilitating the process of healing for someone, to bear witness, to reach out a hand, to share the burden of someone’s suffering, and show the right way to better life.”

What do we try to achieve?

People spend most of their time preparing for their education and career. But we don’t focus on spending time on certain things that determine what is the quality of our life, how good is our relationships, what is our health situation, what is the level of happiness and what is our mindset. Our mission is to teach these things what actually matter a lot in our lives.

We do this with the best teachers and professionals, with an advanced learning system, with our passion and with our hearts so we can change the world.

Learning with MBSU is exciting adventure

Our learning system has been developed just for you so that you can reach the maximum potential out of your body, mind and spirit. It feels like you are opening your eyes to a whole new world. You will experience unprecedented joy, contentment and love.

It is important to us at MBSU that each of our members experiences completely new feelings and thoughts with us.

Why did we start MBSU?

We started MBSU because  we want to teach how important self-growth, self-development, and personal well-being is.  These things affect so many things in our lives that we may not even pay attention to.  We don’t teach how people get small fishes from the pond – We teach how people get big fishes from the sea!


Positive Thoughts


Positive Actions


Positive Thoughts

All three of these parts play a very big role in our lives everyday but we don’t remember to practise them enough.

What makes MBSU different?

Our learning system and learning material is 5 times more effective than traditional online learning.

Our content is designed to be as effective as possible in supporting learning and self-growth in an easy way. This is not just our talk – This is what we do. Our courses, audiobooks, movies and documentaries are 200% more effective than industry average and our completion rate is also 150% better than industry average. We let the results speak for us and base our knowledge on the facts.

Learn effectively and start a new life

Our advanced learning system makes even difficult topics very easy to understand to support self-growth.

The best teachers and experts to support you

In our community, everyone supports each other. Make new relationships, communicate with others and much more!

Our community and group spirit

Our advanced learning system makes even difficult topics very easy to understand to support self-growth.

Our awesome team

We welcome everyone to be a part of our amazing community

MBSU is a community you can also call family. No matter what level you are at the moment or what your situation is, we are ready to help you experience a complete change in your life. We dedicate our work just for you and anyone who is looking for a new start to own life – That’s what we love to do.

Meet Christoper Roberts

Christopher went from broke to being financially free in just 2 years and the only difference between old Christopher and new Christopher is that he looked to the habits to employ, he found his passion from potential what he has. He is endlessly looking for new ways to grow his Mind, Body and Spirit..

“Simple education is the difference between a good life and a great life.”

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Address:  Australia, PO Box 584 Narellan NSW 2567, Sydney
Phone number:  +61 415 305 835
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MBSU’s education platform doesn’t prepare us for the world of today. MBSU fills the gap with a platform that does.

About MBSU

MBSU is a large online personal growth platform. Choose from thousands of personal growth programs and transformative content by brilliant minds, with results that stick.
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